Kinesio Tex Gold FP® - STERI PRE-CUT™ - 25mm x 150mm (1” x 6”) - Single Pouch


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Kinesio Tex Gold FP®
25mm x 150mm (1” x 6")'

This is for 1 single pouch.

Kinesio Steri Pre-Cut can be used immediately following surgery and can be the most important recovery tool for up to 14 days after. It can be used in repairing damaged tissues, reducing scaring and faster and a better quality recovery. It may reduce discomfort, swelling and the need for medication. Doesn’t have side effects like medications. It can be applied even in patients with anti-coagulation therapy.

“Kinesio Taping is a useful method to support invasive and systemic analgesia and used for perioperative pain management.”

For research study information please review:
Hans Michael Klein, Rabea Brockmann. Influence of Kinesio Taping on Post-Operative Pain and Wound Management in Cardiac Surgery. 

  • Provides Comfortable Effective Stimulation to Target Area
  • Manages & Alleviates Discomfort
  • Fast Recovery
  • Use EDF Layering to Adjust the Lift and Stimulation of Target Area
  • Lighter Lift Feels Like Second Skin
  • Precise Cut Every Time
  • Valuable Time Saver
  • Sterilized Pre-Cut Strips
  • Hypoallergenic and Latex Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Targets the Epidermis, Dermis and Fascia
  • Protected Weave Process Provides Improved Comfort
  • Patented Technology
  • For Optimal Results Apply Between 0 – 25% Tension
  • Recommended for EDF™ Taping Applications for Pain Management and Edema
  • Made is the USA


What's Inside

  • 10 Pouches of 3 Beige & 3 White Pre-Cut Strips
    • 25mm x 150mm (1” x 6”)
  • To download PDF of IFU (Instructions For Use) Information CLICK HERE

Kinesio Tex FP Backing Paper

 All authentic Kinesio Tapes have their own specific backing paper that always says KINESIO.



The Kinesio Taping Association International (KTAI®) highly recommends that you consult a CKTP® (Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner®) or a CKTI® (Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor®) prior to applying Kinesio Tex Tape. Please contact the KTAI to find a therapist near you or visit our CKTP Locator page by clicking here.