Kinesio iOS and Android App



Thanks to you, our Kinesio Tape app was the first to market and is the most downloaded elastic therapeutic tape app on Google and Apple stores. We appreciate it so much that we built a new app that will help you even more.

The new Kinesio Taping Official App is a bigger, organized and improved app that will not only help you with Kinesio Taping applications, purchasing tape and videos… it can be used as a muscle reference guide. You will also enjoy the addition of the photo gallery where you can email photos of you taping, being taped and teaching Kinesio courses to socialmedia@kinesiotaping to be shared on the new app. With the addition of a contact us form, you can ask us questions while on the go.

We are committed to consistently educating and evolving our practices so that you experience Tape With Wisdom; quality, experience, research and education. We are committed to you and your experiences with the Kinesio Taping Method and our Kinesio Tape products.

Be safe and stay healthy.


"Very usefull for someone new to Kinesio Taping. Easy access to products and seminars." - Hiroki Kariya Google Play Store

The Kinesio Tape app lets you easily purchase Kinesio Tape products, access step by step taping application instructions, and explore all the different aspects of Kinesio. Kinesio Tape is perfect for work, for life, for play.


• 20+ Step by Step Taping Application Instructions

• Taping Application Videos

• Purchase Kinesio Tape Products

• Before Applying Kinesio Tape

• Precautions

• Cutting the Tape

• Type of Tape Cuts

• Removing the Tape 

• Caring for your application

• Social Media Feeds

• About Us

• Find a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)

• Find a Kinesio Taping Workshop (CKTT)

• Testimonials

• And more!