Gloriane's Story:

I deal with chronic migraines. They come between 10-15 times per month, and every so often one will be so severe that it drives me to the emergency room. My husband and I have looked high and low for a remedy to cure them or at least something to reduce their frequency. Most doctors have attempted to heal though prescriptions. We have found a couple that work, but we constantly search for a solution without them. No combination of holistic approaches, lifestyle or dietary changes have had an effect. When we heard about Dr. Kase's approach to working with patients to connect them to what it is their body might be communicating we were a bit skeptical. Our opinion began to shift after stumbling across some of the decades of research he went through to develop his process and product. So we scheduled a meeting.

I had just had a migraine the day before our meeting. It was perfect timing because the pain usually lingers a day or two after one occurs. We showed up ready with lists of prescriptions and procedures we've tried in the past. Dr. Kase, however, began the meeting by just getting to know me. He asked questions about my typical day. I was caught off-guard slightly. Most doctors try and get straight to the point. This meeting felt different. I felt listened to. Dr. Kase operated more like a sympathetic detective than a hurried physician. 

In the course of our meeting, he explained how my migraine problem may stem from a completely different part of my body. Nothing in our bodies operates in isolation. By giving attention to my shoulders, chest, and neck we might be able to alleviate some of the head pain and possibly avoid some migraines all together. It wasn't till the very end of the meeting that he applied Kinesio Tape to those areas. He gave instruction to my husband how he can reapply the tape at home in a few days. And just like that, the meeting was over and the lingering pain from the previous day was dwindling. It wasn't a miracle cure, but I feel that it has gotten us off to a sustainable treatment. We left the meeting validated, educated, and equipped to head down a promising road of healing.






  • "I've been having trouble with my knees for years. Was told I needed to loose weight. I lost 80 pounds but the knee problems didn't go away. Just found this used it tonight during boot camp. Its awesome!"  - ReShay Drummond

  • "If you are looking to purchase Kinesio Tape this company has great products, reasonable prices and wonderful service!"  - Jenn Dumas Stephens 

  • "Undeniable. I prefer it over my Velcro style wraps, hands down."  - Cj Hannah

  • "I love Kinesio Tape, and if you have it applied correctly, you will too!! I have attended 3 of the seminars and will be attending the 4th in a couple of months, it has changed so many of our patient's lives and has helped me. After my car was totaled in January, Kinesio Tape helped me not to miss one day of work so that I can continue to provide care to my patients. I am a true believer in the power of this tape!!!"  - Kesha Randall

  •  "I have a bad MCL, elastic bandages just don't give me enough support. This Kinesio Tape has supported my knee to where I'm mobile again. Thank you"  - Aurora Garcia

  • "I swear by it when it comes to my knee injury! Only thing in a decade that has helped at all."  - Amy Ling

  • "AWESOME the only way to describe this product, been suffering with jumpers knee for weeks, literally bought the dynamic knee support today put it on before an hour of basketball. Was jumping higher, dunking easily and no patella pain whatsoever. Thank you so much."  - Gordon Chaloner 

  • "Kinesio tape is a wonderful product, helps with swelling and pain on my 20+ y/o ankle injury! It is now a household staple in my home!"  - Jeanene Hover 

  • "Kinesio tape has helped my shoulder issue and my fathers reoccurring neck problems. This taping method really works!"  - Michael Evans

  • "Amazing product use it on myself and clients all the time!"  - Christoffe Huser

  • "I have Wilson's Disease, and Kinesio tape has helped me immensely by keeping my muscles loose, and reducing the number of spasms I have. The tape reduces swelling, relieves pain, and is water proof so I can go swimming with it without it peeling off."  - Kayla Weselowski




  • "Excellent price for this product. As a physical therapist, I use kinesiotape all the time. This is the original product and has the best outcomes. There are many "generics" on the market now, but this still works the best. I buy from Amazon for my own personal stash. Many people apply the tape incorrectly because they did not take "how to courses" on its many uses. If you're not a PT, make sure you go to a U tube video to at least get the basics on how best to apply the tape!"  - Trudy G

  • "Started using this tape after advice from a Physical Therapist at the nursing home where I work. I had to have surgery to trim my right knee meniscus and although it helped a great deal, I still have increased pain and discomfort from my knees when I'm on my feet too long. She applied it to my right knee and instructed me on doing so. (I also checked it out on youtube and watched applications there.) I now use it on both knees! When I take it off after 3 to 4 days if I don't reapply it, the pain slowly returns. I find this tape a much better remedy then more surgery! Now I can't do without it! I also have a latex allergy and this tape is latex-free as a great benefit. I'm a 71 y/o R.N. and was never aware of this type of tape. Our therapist said it's been around for many years and is used a great deal in sports medicine. You can buy this kind of tape in many drug stores, but it's in colors and I prefer beige which doesn't stand out so much. It lasts for several days even with showering daily as long as you don't rub it too hard.'s easy to remove when you want to do so. ( If you're not a PT, make sure you go to a youtube video to at least get basic applications!)"  - Maryd

  • "I love kinesio tape and have used for several years. The kinesio Gold wears well through showers with daily wear - for me without excessive sweating or rubbing after application lasts for 5-7 days. Helps me to stay pain free with stability for my knee. Easy to apply once use use it a time or two. Will be able to peel and stick without any problems. The value was excellent for two rolls. Can't buy direct from medical supply at the cost I received from Amazon. I paid less than 1/2 the cost of medical supply company. Picture attached to photo is day 6 wear of Kinesio tape. Keeps me moving has provided me with comfort to continue with my daily work and activities."  - Justina frost

  • "This stuff is so great! I was introduced to it by my occupational therapist after an accident and subsequent surgery. I put it on and instant relief. I use it for pain relief, gently encouraging muscles to their correct position, scar treatment and relief (surgical scar), and gentle support. My therapist showed me the right way to apply it, but if you're unsure, there are books about how to use it right here at Amazon and YouTube videos as well. I like that it stays on for several days even when showering, exercising, etc. Tip: after a shower I sometimes aim the blow dryer (on low) at it for a few seconds to dry it faster. I have it inn three colors now, was getting a bit tired of the plain-jane beige. Although the beige is nice when you want it unobtrusive, depending on your skin tone."  - SuziCQ

  • "I rely on this tape to support a damaged knee. Applying this directly to the skin insures the support necessary for me to walk. Without it I am in a great deal of pain. I have tried other tapes, which mostly do not adhere anywhere near as well as this one. It also goes through several days of showers without loosing its supportive nature. The color is good skin tone. I heard of this from my pool physical therapist who showed me how to apply it when my treatment ended, and I can now do it at home. This tape is so good, I don't need to use the brace much."  - Easy Reader
  • "Best brand on the market...and the only one I will buy! I found about this while in physical therapy for plantar fasciitis from my therapists. It's been heaven sent! Taping has made such a huge difference in my healing!"  - Dramatic Design

  • "I discovered Kinesiotape through an ad online, and after some research, decided it was worth a try. It is definitely worth a try and worth the money! I have multiple joint injuries which cause recurring problems, and this tape works wonders! For years I have used braces, Ace bandages, and standard athletic tape, but they all have their drawbacks--braces and elastic bandages restrict circulation and movement, and standard athletic tape immobilizes the affected area, which is fine for an initial injury, but for a re-injury or chronic condition, it can hinder healing by preventing muscles and ligaments from gaining strength. Kinesiotape flexes with your muscles, and if applied correctly, it doesn't wrinkle and bunch. It provides much more support than it would appear from the way it is applied (along the muscle fiber, not a "figure eight" around the joint) It also appears to aid in circulation and reduce swelling as claimed, and it helps get my knee and ankle back in line when they have been locking up. That said, it is a MUST to learn to apply the tape correctly, either from a chiropractor, physical therapist, or from the many online demonstration videos, if you are able to learn in that way. I can see how incorrectly applied tape could do nothing for a condition, or give a sense of false security. There is certainly an element of trial and error, but I think a good starting point is essential. It also helps to have an understanding of how your body works, how your muscles and ligaments operate, and how your condition disrupts that operation."  - Nevermore

  • "I finished a box of kinesio Classic and decided to try this. Both have given me a little extra support and comfort when I work out. I had my thumb joint "rebuilt" and the physical therapist gave me the classic and showed me how to use it on my wrist. (When I use it my wrist doesn't acupressure after I lift weights). I think I'm better at putting it on now so I'm not sure if it sticks better. -- when it has come loose it is usually because I have recently put on hand lotion so my fingers are a bit greasy when I touch the tape, or when I first started I tried to stretch the tape too close to the end. I sometimes used a small bandaid to tape the end back down. The photo is the gold after 4 days of workouts, showers and normal everyday dishwashing, etc. The end is just coming loose. I could bandaid it and keep going. One thing I forgot is that you have to trim the ends of your tape in a curve kind of like ( ). Straight ends will pop loose really fast and grab onto clothes."  - Gym Rat 71

  • "Several years ago, prior to my knee surgeries, my physical therapist used kinesio tape on my knees. Recently, since one of the surgeries did not turn out too well and still bothers me after eight years, I decided to try taping my "bad" knee to see if it could help with the pain. Since I was not sure which would be best, I purchased three different brands. All pretty much help by taking the pressure off my artificial joint. Unfortunately, although all the brands claimed their product would last a week, I found that only Kinesio Tex actually did as claimed. Even though I use the exact, same method of applying each brand, only this product adheres to my skin and to itself, and does not come off when rubbed by my pants. I must admit that I give the bandaging a good test each day since I wear it during water aerobics, showers, and through the extreme heat we've been experiencing this summer (read 'sweating like a pig'). One of the brands tends to peel off within minutes (from rubbing by my clothing) leading to my having to replace the bandage daily. Another brand, while it doesn't roll off quite as quickly, tends to fray around the edges more than the others which again leads me to have to replace it after four or five days. One of the other things I like about Kinesio Tex is that it comes off easily when you want it to with no tugging or pulling on the skin in the process. Altogether a superior brand that I highly recommend."  - Andrea Contento

  • "After much trial and error with other products, I have been using Pink Kinesio Tex Gold tape for my plantar fasciitis for about 2 years. I simply cut a 4" strip [which is 2 of the pre-measured cut marks on the paper backing of the tape] and cut that in half length-wise and place them right on the arch of my foot. I find the 2 narrow strips give more flexibility for the movement of the arch. You can leave the Kinseio tape on for more than a day, but I removed it each evening. It was the only thing that effectively supported my arch. Recently, though, my skin began to be irritated by the tape. I tried not using it for awhile, but every time I used it again, I had to remove it. Oh no! My great plantar solution wasn't going to work. So I read all the Kinesio types and discovered this 'FingerPrint' option. It is lighter in weight than the red and so far, my skin has not had any reaction to it. And now my arch is easily and nicely supported once again."  - Seadancer

  • "Amazing for use in helping drain my lymph after a mastectomy and the removal of all my lymph nodes in my right axilla. I kept it with me during a recent three month hospital visit fighting cancer and a pneumonia, two days before my discharge on 12/31/16 (yes, just two days ago) the staff thought it was theirs, and they are now using it on their new patients. I can't wait to reorder it so I can continue my therapy!"  - CurtyC

  • "I needed it for knee pain I looked at all the videos followed the instructions and it worked from day one the one. I purchased the water resistant one. I've gone up to nine days leaving it on and then only changed it because I was afraid how my skin would be under it. Nothing was wrong with my skin and I showered every day and I got soaking wet also baths it lasted that long. I got my 94-year-old aunt back up and walking on her knee without pain from using the tape and following the proper videos for her problem with her knee so you could only imagine how delighted she was .it's definitely a five star item."  - Amazon Customer

  • "I first tried KT tape but that is crap tape and does not stick at all! I discovered Kinesio when my chiropractor used it to tape up my shoulder and my elbow. It sticks so much that I have to remove it right after the workout when I am all sweaty. If I wait until my skin is dry or even do it in the shower, my skin comes out with it and I mean really comes out, bleeding and all. I have kept it on for several days and it will stay put even after multiple showers. But that's when my skin peels off with the tape so I remove it right after my last workout while still sweaty and no problem there. As for performance, it works really well and provides extra support with the injury."  - Mrs Pintastic

  • "I'm very satisfied with this tape. It has good flexibilility for movement, yet strong enough to keep my knee stabilized which stops incorrect tendencies of shifting to the side. It also has good adhesive to stay in place for as long as needed and does not leave excess residue. I would certainly recommend it to others."  - Kathleen Ray

  • "I'm allergic to most/all adhesives on band-aides and other sticky items, but this type of KT tape is wonderful, i don't break out from it, or itch or get raised skin like i have with past tapes and band aides. It has also helped a lot with my chronic ankle issues, it relieves a lot of the tension and stress in my tendons and muscles."  - Mindy

  • "I originally started to use this brand because it was recommended by my physical therapist. After four years of abandoning all other KT tapes, I can see why she used this one on patients. Applications last anywhere from 5 to 8 days and that's with working out and taking showers. I mainly use this for joint pain on my shoulders, knees and ankles, and it is able to provide the support of a well-made brace without the clunkiness."  - Anna G



  • "It was exactly what I was looking to obtain. My friend applied the black tape to my knee but you had the beige color which was less conspicuous so I purchased it."  - SadieB8

  • "We use this tape on my son to help orthopedic problems he was born with. It works wonderfully. Depending on where the tape is placed, it will usually stay on for about 5 days. 5 days is all his therapist recommends for wear anyway. My other sons also use the tape during baseball season. Again, it stays on for about 3-4 days. I have even used it for back pain. The immediate relief was great. I would definitely recommend this tape to anyone. There is a sheet inside that shows you how to tape for common problems."  - Ravenousreader