Kinesio Pro Scissor and Holster

Kinesio® Pro Scissor and Holster

A Perfect Cut Every Time! Kinesio Pro Scissors are specifically designed to be used with Kinesio® Tex Tape. Use Kinesio Pro Scissors to cut any length or configuration of Kinesio Tex Tape with ease. Every pair is forged of a high quality carbon stainless steel and double coated for a clean cut every time. Carefully crafted, using the best technology, Kinesio Pro Scissors ensure your first cut is as smooth as your last.

  • Specifically Designed for use with Tapes and Adhesives
  • Each Pair Comes with a Durable Synthetic Leather Holster, Double Stitched Added Strength
  • Holster Protects your Kinesio Pro Scissors while allowing you to keep by your side at all times
  • Replacement Holsters Available
  • KSH-100 Kinesio Pro Scissor Holster   


DSN-210 Kinesio Pro Scissors