What is Ku Do Rei?


Ku Do Rei (Space Movement Cooling) is the foundational concept of the Kinesio Taping Method (KTM).  Incorporating Kinesio taping into a treatment plan requires looking at more than the surface of the body. The Space Movement Cooling Concept takes a microscopic view of the Kinesio method and its effect on all body systems by creating KU (Space) between the skin layers; it increases fluid, which creates DO (Movement) and REI (Cooling) effect. Ku Do Rei expands our knowledge of the body and what affects it. This helps the Kinesio Practitioner make a more versatile assessment of the patient. It also allows the Kinesio Practitioner to make a more informed decision of what Kinesio Taping Application to use and how that application may affect the patient below the skin.

“During my research and observation I came up with this conception of fascia nature, disease and treatment. The concept is how the movement of interstitial or lymphatic fluid between body membranes has an action similar to that of a sponge. By applying Kinesio Taping, small spaces are created by lifting up the skin and promoting fluid movement and a subcutaneous fascia remodeling enhancing the skin metabolism. My taping concept is based on Ku Do Rei, interstitial fluid research and observation, which uses the body fluids to clean-up of affected areas. In these areas my taping method works like a washing machine. We open the space, fluid starts moving cleaning inflammatory fluid to normalize the flow. Our body fluid has good enzymes which are like the detergent in a washing machine. By increasing the space between the epidermis and dermis this reduces the pressure in the area underneath the Kinesio Tape, improving capillary function”.

- Dr Kenzo Kase