Kinesio® Tape Comparison


Kinesio is not Just a Product, it’s a Treatment Concept!

Kinesio uniquely designed tape provides the tool, but its optimal effectiveness relies on the skill of each trained and Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner® (CKTP®.) This is why the Kinesio Taping Association has always emphasized education as the ideal means to create a winning combination of skill and technique.


Kinesio education encompasses community workshops, certification for fitness professionals, Kinesio Practitioner certification, in addition to specialized courses and constant innovations from Dr. Kenzo Kase and his worldwide team of experts. Kinesio Taping education and Kinesio Tape are based on more than 35 years of research and present the highest and most diverse option in training, products and total patient care. Kinesio University offers the education needed to put each therapist in the top tier of elastic taping therapy specialized to their professional needs.



Kinesio Tape is in a category all its own, designed to work specifically for the Kinesio Taping® Method. Kinesio has set the standard for all other elastic therapeutic tape. Kinesio is created with the newest, evidence based technology and materials that can only be found in Kinesio products. Each of Kinesio brand tapes are designed to target and help each person’s individual needs.




"I first tried KT tape but that is crap tape and does not stick at all! I discovered Kinesio when my chiropractor used it to tape up my shoulder and my elbow. It sticks so much that I have to remove it right after the workout when I am all sweaty. If I wait until my skin is dry or even do it in the shower, my skin comes out with it and I mean really comes out, bleeding and all. I have kept it on for several days and it will stay put even after multiple showers. But that's when my skin peels off with the tape so I remove it right after my last workout while still sweaty and no problem there. As for performance, it works really well and provides extra support with the injury." Mrs. Pintastic Amazon.