Kinesio Tex Performance+


The most comfortable tape you’ll ever wear! Kinesio® Tex Performance + offers comfortable wear while syncing the body’s natural multi-directional movement. A fusion of Kinesio® Tex Gold FP and Kinesio ® Tex Classic, Kinesio® Tex Performance + provides stability, support and treatment with each application. Kinesio Tex Performance + targets the fascia and superficial muscles to release pressure by lifting the superficial layers of skin and tissue to ease discomfort. Perform your best with Kinesio® Tex Performance +

  • Cotton and Polyester Blend for Increased Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic and Latex Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Available With and Without the Kinesio Logo
  • Denim Like Appearance Unique to Kinesio®
  • Each Roll Comes with a Personally Designed Retractable Container to Safely Store Tape
  • Supports Joints and/or Muscles Like an Athletic Tape without Restricting Range of Motion
  • Targets the Dermis, Fascia and Surface Muscles
  • Easy Application and Removal
  • Available to Medical Professionals and Patients
  • For Optimal Results Apply between 0 and 100% Tension
  • Recommended for the Snowflake Cut (for an Effective Low of Stimulus)
  • Made in the USA


Available Colors & Sizes

KINESIO COLORS: Black, Beige, Kinesio Red, Blue


Standard Rolls
(5-6 Applications/Roll)    
SIZE: 5cm x 5m (2“ x 16.4’)


How to Identify that you have Authentic Kinesio® Tape
The packaging will always have the Kinesio logo and “The Original Kinesio Tape”. All authentic Kinesio Tapes have their own specific backing paper that always says KINESIO.  



Kinesio® Tex Performance+ Backing Paper & Wave Pattern

SKU # Color Size
PKT75024-L Blue 5cm x 5m (2" x 16.4')
PKT65024-L Beige 5cm x 5m (2" x 16.4')
PKT85024-L Red 5cm x 5m (2" x 16.4')
PKT95024-L Black 5cm x 5m (2" x 16.4')



"I'm very satisfied with this tape. It has good flexibility for movement, yet strong enough to keep my knee stabilized which stops incorrect tendencies of shifting to the side. It also has good adhesive to stay in place for as long as needed and does not leave excess residue. I would certainly recommend it to others." - Kathleen Ray