Online Courses



Maximize your professional development with Kinesio. Take self-paced, Kinesio® online courses when and where you want. Kinesio course materials will always be accessible online. Our new online training courses and taping database (TAD) are designed to help medical professional’s exercises core skills, and includes lecture materials that encourage student-centered inquiry.

Kinesio education online provides practitioners the opportunity to advanced their knowledge and skills in this specialized area of practice. With the continued changes and challenges impacting healthcare the Kinesio Taping Method can become an integral member of a healthcare delivery team in your hospital or clinic. The knowledge, skills, and abilities taught in Kinesio online courses enable a practitioner to provide customized care to their clients utilizing the Kinesio Taping® Method.

A Kinesio Taping® Certification advances a practitioner in any profession. Select Kinesio® online courses will also offer continuing education courses to meet your contact hour requirements.

Many new Kinesio Online Education Courses are coming soon! Check out our website for more information.