Kinesio Tex Classic: 2" Blue

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Kinesio® Tex Classic, the tape that launched an industry! Kinesio continues to provide the world famous design that achieved inimitable results for Kinesio Taping® practitioners worldwide. From medical professionals, elite athletes, weekend warriors, soccer moms to everyone (that breaths or moves) Kinesio ® Tex Classic provides a high quality tape that delivers consistent and dependable results.

  • High Grade Cotton for Breathability and Comfort
  • Hypoallergenic and Latex Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Perfect for High Level Stimulation to Target Deep Muscles, Ligaments and Joint Correction
  • Available to Medical Professionals and Patients
  • Provides Support and Stability
  • Easy Applications Available
  • For Optimal Results Apply between 0 and 100% Tension
  • Recommended for the I and Y Strips Taping Applications

What's Inside

  • 1 Roll of Uncut Kinesio Tex Tape.
    • Size : 2in W x 4m L
    • Can be cut and customized for any taping application.
  • Application Guide with Instructions.


Kinesio Tex Classic Backing Paper

 All authentic Kinesio Tapes have their own specific backing paper that always says KINESIO.



Learn the Kinesio Taping Method

Take a CKTT® (Certified Kinesio Taping Technician®) Workshop. These workshops are designed to introduce attendees to the fundamentals of Kinesio Tape and teach some of the most often used Kinesio Taping applications.


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  • 5
    Kinesio 2" blue tape

    Posted by Pippa on Dec 24th 2021

    I had my knee replaced in early October and have been going for PT for more than a month. This scar is very tight and giving me trouble. The therapist put the tape on my knee in a cool pattern and it was a game changer. It took all the pressure off and was terrific. I highly recommend it. Great color, too!

  • 2

    Posted by Tamara B Harty on Aug 17th 2021

    I have used KT for at least 10 years. This box does not stay on my legs at all!

  • 5
    Blue kinesio Tape

    Posted by Tamogene Silva on Dec 7th 2020

    I love this tape for my knee. My PT showed me how to put it on and it helps with my knee pain when walking.

  • 5
    Kinesio Tex Classic

    Posted by Audrey Small on Dec 2nd 2020

    It’s been a life saver for me. I have arthritis in my middle finger . I tape my finger when I play golf and Pickleball. It feels like an ace bandage, which allows me to play without much pain. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.

  • 5
    Classic Kinesio Tape

    Posted by Farrah on Oct 29th 2020

    I recently order some Kinesio tape, the original package had some issues, I was really disappointed, however after talking with the customer service team, they figured out a way to make it right. I now have amazing tape that I use for my wrist that I tore a ligament in a little while ago. And for some plantar fasciitis. This tape is the best and I am so thankful that they were able to resolve my problem and get me good tape!!

  • 5
    Awesome Stuff!

    Posted by Tina on Aug 6th 2020

    My PT has been using this on me for many years. It holds me "together". I have a CTD, and I go out of alignment constantly. I look forward to taping on a weekly basis. This usually holds for the few days its supposed to, and I love the colors. I recommend purchasing from this site directly, as you know you're getting the real thing.

  • 5
    Kinesio Tex Classic 2" blue

    Posted by Rachel Diamant on May 21st 2020

    Easy to use! I use a strip to support the CMC joint of my hand

  • 5
    Kinesio Classic Tape

    Posted by Conrad Gren on Apr 20th 2020

    My chiropractor and I have been using this tape on my back for years. I have an unstable sacroiliac, both sides, and lumbar region. After an adjustment, i must have the area taped with Kinesio tape or it would quckly come out of position. This tape has been a lifesaver for me for at least 10 years.