Kinesio Taping® Canine for Dog Lovers - On-Demand Course

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Kinesio Taping® Canine for Dog Lovers - Online Course

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Effective Kinesio Taping on the Fur, A Non-Shave Method for Follicular Stimuli.

The Kinesio Taping® Method can be used for equine and canine rehabilitation, postural changes, musculoskeletal issues, and with complementary therapies.

The Kinesio Taping® Canine for Dog Lovers discusses what to look for and describes symptoms to help a dog owner quickly discover the best Certified Kinesio Taping™ application to use. Always consider the history or circumstances surrounding the appearance of pain or injury. Always talk with your veterinarian and discuss your dog’s health and needs. 

Taping Applications Included:

- Forelimb Injury

- Pectoralis

- Chest Wall

- Abdominal Muscle 

- Gracilis Muscle

- Flexor Muscle 

- Collateral Ligament

- Meniscus

- Patellar Dislocation

- Slipped Disk

- Whiplash

- And Much More.....

To purchase Kinesio Canine® Tape click HERE

To purchase Kinesio Taping® Canine for Dog Lovers click HERE