Kinesio Taping® Perfect Manual 2nd Edition-eBook

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Today, the Kinesio Taping Perfect Manual 2nd Edition teaches users how to properly apply Kinesio Tex brand tapes to help the most common everyday conditions and sports injuries, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Low Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, and Jumper’s Knee, to name a few. The book addresses the basic techniques of applying the Kinesio Taping® Method as a natural treatment modality based on the body’s natural healing process. Kinesio Tape works with the amazing properties of the skin and the structure of the skin layers.

Kinesio Taping Perfect Manual 2nd Edition is based on clinical results and over 40 years of research. This is a book for general users such as teachers, parents, friends, coworkers, etc.

Kinesio Taping Perfect Manual 2nd Edition is 145 pages, with fully illustrated with easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions for 55 taping applications. The applications in this book are explained as simply as possible with step-by-step photos so it will be easy for those that may have never tried Kinesio Tape or the Kinesio Taping Method.


  • What is Kinesio Tape?                                                                           
  • Development of Kinesio Tape                                                              
  • Effects of Kinesio Tape                                                                          
  • How to use Kinesio Tape                                                                      
  • Kinesio Taping Method                                                                         
  • Tape Stretch/Tension Level
  • Removal of Tape                                                                                    

Chapter One: Head

                         1. Tension Headaches                                                                           

                         2. Jaw Pain When Opening Mouth                                                      

                         3. Jaw Pain While Chewing                                                                    

                         4. Nasal and Sinus Congestion                                                            

                         5. Trigeminal Neuralgia                                                                         

                         6. Eyestrain                                                                                             

Chapter Two: Neck

                         1. Pain or Stiffness Tilting to the Side                                                  

                         2. Pain or Stiffness with Rotating the Head                                        

                         3. Pain or Stiffness Looking Up                                                            

                         4. Pain or Stiffness Looking Down                                                       

Chapter Three: Shoulder

                         1. Stiff Shoulders                                                                                    

                         2. Shoulder Pain (Frozen Shoulder)                                                    

                         3. Pain due to Overuse of the Shoulder                                             

                         4. Habitual Dislocation of the Shoulder Joint                                     

                         5. Stiffness From Excessive Movement                                              

Chapter Four: Arm and Hand

                         1. Dullness/Pain in Upper Arm                                                            

                         2. Unable to Bend or Stretch Elbow                                                    

                         3. Golfer’s Elbow (Inner Elbow Pain)                                                    

                         4. Tennis Elbow (Outer Elbow Pain)                                                    

                         5. Wrist Pain                                                                                            

                         6.Ganglion Cyst (Hard Lump on the Wrist)                                        

                         7. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                                                                  

                         8. Sprained Finger                                                                                 

                         9. Trigger Finger                                                                                     

                         10 .Pain at the Base of the Thumb (Tenosynovitis/Tendinitis)          

                         11. Loss of Grip Strength                                                                      

Chapter Five: Back and Lower Back

                         1. Backache                                                                                            

                         2. Pain Around the Shoulder Blade                                                     

                         3. Strengthen the Back Muscles                                                          

                         4. Low Back Pain with Movement                                                        

                         5. Low Back Pain from Internal Organ Disorder                                

                         6. Low Back Pain from Pelvic Disorder                                               

                         7. Herniated Disc                                                                                   

                         8. Sciatica                                                                                                

                         9. Back Strain                                                                                          

Chapter Six: Chest

                         1. Shortness of Breath/Palpitations                                                    

                         2. Asthma                                                                                                

                         3. Intercostal Neuralgia                                                                         

                         4. Pain from Broken/Cracked Rib                                                        

Chapter Seven: Abdomen

                         1. Side Pain/Discomfort                                                                        

                         2. Menstrual Cramps                                                                             

Chapter Eight: Leg

                         1. Muscle Ache from Overuse                                                              

                         2. Inability to Walk due to Hip Restrictions                                         

                         3. Knee Inflammation                                                                            

                         4. Varicose Veins                                                                                    

                         5. Pain in the Achilles Tendon                                                              

                         6. Leg Cramping (Charley Horse)                                                         

                         7. Calf Muscle Tear                                                                                

                         8. Outer Ankle Sprain                                                                            

                         9. Inner Ankle Sprain                                                                             

Chapter Nine: Foot

                         1. Flatfoot                                                                                                

                         2. Crooked Toe (Hallux Valgus)                                                            

                         3. Athlete’s Foot/Foot Swelling                                                             

Chapter Ten: Other

                         1. Small Bruising                                                                                    

                         2. Large Bruising                                                                                    

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