Kinesio Leg Sleeve - Kinesio Red

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Kinesio Leg Sleeve

Kinesio Leg Sleeve are made from a unique material that is moisture permeable, quick drying and has a cooling function to help maintain a healthy body temperature for additional comfort. Kinesio Sleeves compliments Kinesio Taping applications while also offering support to muscles, tendons and joints, by enhancing the concept of KU DO REI (Space Movement Cooling) for better fluid distribution, accelerated muscle recovery and decreased fatigue.


Includes 2 Sleeves


Sleeve Attributes:

  • Polyester/Polyurethane
  • Hypoallergenic & latex free
  • UV Protection 50+ (UPF 50+)
  • Comfortable, lightweight & breathable
  • Unrestricted range of motion
  • Absorbent, quick drying, cooling material
  • Unique fibers in the fabric promote the Ku Do Rei concept
  • Can be used with or without a Kinesio Taping Application
  • Unisex


How to choose the best fitting size for you:
Choose the size according to the largest part of the calf (if the measured value spans two sizes, choose the closest to the average size). The preferred size may vary depending on the individual’s preference of fit.

Size    Small Medium Large
Calf Thickness
(average size)

12.6” ~ 14.2”

32.0 ~ 36.0cm

14.2” ~ 15.75”

36.0 ~ 40.0cm

 15.75” ~ 17.3”

40.0 ~ 44.0cm