Kinesio Body Design (Beauty Taping) - On-Demand Course

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Known for our ground breaking education for over 40 years now, Kinesio® introduces a completely different area of treatment! Based on Dr. Kenzo Kase’s  unique therapeutic principles which led to his founding of the Kinesio Taping Method, Kinesio announces a whole new approach to beauty and wellness.  The combination of diet, rest and self-care have always been the hallmark of well-being. Beauty wellness is a connection between body and mind. We all  know that feeling better makes us look better. Kinesio Body Design goes a step  further: The focus of Kinesio Body Design is to train the skin to return to its  natural structure. 

In order to achieve optimal wellness, Kinesio Body Design taping applications include treatments that emphasize wellness of the superficial skin layers. Skin health matters.  Skin serves as a barrier, has its own specialized immune system and secretes its own hormones.  The Kinesio Body Design program offers specific applications for erect posture, reducing wrinkles or puffiness under the eyes. These applications can tighten the skin on the upper arms  and stimulate the meridian to tone the legs.

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MODULE ONE- Head and Face

  • Forehead Application
    • Minimize the appearance of wrinkles and to make the face look thinner.
  • Eyebrow Application
    • Tone the eyebrow line for wrinkle reduction.
  • Eye Application A
    • Tone around the eye also wrinkle reduction.
  • Eye Application B
    • Tones around the eye - also for wrinkle reduction.
  • Mouth Application A
    • Wrinkle reduction around the mouth and to tone the skin by taping back of ear.
  • Mouth Application B
    • Reduce wrinkles around the mouth and tone the skin by taping the back.
  • Chin Application
    • Reduce sagging skin and fascia under the chin.

MODULE TWO- Upper Extremity

  • Shoulder Application
    • Posture ‘improvement ‘and breast raise. Also re-postures rounded shoulders’ and tightens upper arms.
  • Elbow Application
    • Tighten sagging skin of upper arm.
  • Wrist Application
    • Tone sagging skin of upper arm and also rib / waist area of the trunk.
  • Triceps
    • Tone sagging of the triceps.


  • Breast Application A
    • Provides support for the breasts.
  • Breast Application B
    • Support cleavage and better support of the breast tissue.
  • Abdomen Application
    • Re-tone the lower abdomen and pull abdominal fascia toward chest.
  • Stretch Marks Application
    • Reduce the appearance of abdominal stretch marks.
  • SI Joint
    • Pulls hips and upper abdominal fascia to back of body.

MODULE FOUR- Lower Extremity

  • Thigh
    • Make the upper thigh seem thinner making the leg look longer.
  • Knee
    • Correct bow leg and makes the leg look trimmer and straighter.
  • Ankle A
    • Ankle alignment to correct bow leg – realigns legs to make them straighter.
  • Ankle B
    • Ankle alignment to realign feet that are “turned in” to correct posture and lifts the hip to make the buttocks look rounder.
  • Calf
    • Swelling and pain due to inflammation of the calf.
  • Hallux Valgus
    • Support the foot with Hallux Valgus (Bunion).