Kinesio Taping Education Around the World: Leogane, Haiti

Posted by Linda Robinson, MPT on Feb 24th 2022

Kinesio Taping Education Around the World: Leogane, Haiti

I taught at the PT school for a week, and did several sessions on the basics of Kinesio Taping. The students loved it, and were amazed at how much it helped their own pain. They are very eager to be able to use it on patients when they finish school. I also did several remote site clinics, and used the tape there.

The one lady in the photo has it on her neck, but it is hard to see. The man pictured was a neighbor who wound up being my community taper for about 4-5 different people!! I was so busy with patients I didn’t have time to take a lot of pictures. Also, we were outside with a crowd of curious onlookers; I had about 80% low back patients, and didn’t want to make them pose with their shirts up in front of so many people!

If you have any suggestions on how to supply the PT school there in Léogâne, Haiti, with tape, we would be very interested. It is exciting that these students will be some of the very first Haitians to obtain their PT or OT degrees from a Haitian school. Even more, they want to stay in Haiti to help their country. ®

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